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Jason Christie


Interview for NZ Collision Repair Magazine

Jason Christie specialises in repairing and painting late model vehicles in the Henderson area of Auckland. David Newton-Ross made a visit to his paint facility recently.
NZCR: Why did you become involved in this industry?
JC: I have always been a car man, the mechanical side did not grab me but the paint side did. I enjoy painting and the end result. I also enjoy the customer contact and the satisfaction of looking after them.
NZCR: Do you do any type of work or specialise?
JC: We do a lot of late model stuff, a mixed bag I mean at the end of the day if someone wants to pay you to do something you will do it. I have just painted a caravan and car trailer but over 95 percent is vehicles! I will look at anything.
NZCR: You said you do business with a lot of dealers and fleets?
JC: Yes we do a lot, Holden, Hyundai etc. I am a people person so I work hard at building relationships. We are generally always flat out with work. 
NZCR: I can see that you are passionate about the industry and involved in all aspects of your business but what do you do outside of work?
JC: I enjoy boating, fishing and golf.
Editor: I had not met Jason prior to this interview but I must say he really is into his business and working hard at it. His business is well presented and he is a people person I can see that. With his team and the way they work together there is no doubt he will be around for a long time in the industry and very successful. His willingness to change will ensure that success.

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“Vehicles come back beautifully clean, valet’d, with all panel work, painting and repairs finished to a very high standard.”

-Pauline Pringle


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